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body of the earth.



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Like a perpetual rumor,

Submerged in the immensity of the void,

The flow of life bubbles itself in unstable cycles,

And return into different forms:

Like songbirds to be melted in our ears;

Like the head of a turtle in a stormy sea;

Like the roots of the plants that infiltrate by asphalt cracks;

We human beings of our time must relearn to dissolve ourselves.






Sentidor is an exploratory music project by Brazilian sound artist and journalist João Carvalho.

Since 2012, he’s been working on composing soundscapes from electroacoustic instruments, field recordings, synthesizers, and all kinds of digital processing.

Besides being a member of the band El Toro Fuerte and music producer, João Carvalho has also worked as a sound director on a few cinematographic productions. He already collaborated with the French filmmaker Vincent Moon, Costa Rican artist Nillo, and the singers of the Ngäbe people. Currently, he lives in Felixlândia, in the countryside of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where he produces audiovisual works with riverside communities that have had their ways of life disrupted by the rupture of the VALE dam in Brumadinho, in 2019.

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