a birdsong to melted.



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Like a perpetual rumor,

Submerged in the immensity of the void,

The flow of life bubbles itself in unstable cycles,

And return into different forms:

Like songbirds to be melted in our ears;

Like the head of a turtle in a stormy sea;

Like the roots of the plants that infiltrate by asphalt cracks;

We human beings of our time must relearn to dissolve ourselves.






João Carvalho is the brilliant young mind behind the music that comes with the nickname SENTIDOR. In order

to gather electronic music, Brazilian regional references, and poetry elements, Carvalho tends to create music that resembles dreamlike landscapes. A feeling of reverie is there, almost like an accidental soundtrack about emotions that we nearly can't name.


Carvalho's resume is so impressive for such a young artist. From his collaborations with the producer NILLO

in Costa Rica to the French film-maker Vincent Moon, the music from SENTIDOR find its way to emerge into

the encounter of the most curious listeners.


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