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Anchor Constantina

into that slow dance.



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The morning that I first heard that melody, the weather was cold.

A light full in a small room. A dog barking at the door.

Clouds all rose upon the sky, blue-gray, trying for thunder.

I felt the scent of a Magnolia and everything that was waiting to be told.

I heard the sound of the distant shore in a constant flow...almost instinctively.

I knew that instant I had to take you into that slow dance.


Constantina is an instrumental ensemble emerged in 2004 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

With already 8 albums released as well as singles, appearances in several festivals and venues dedicated to independent music in Brazil and some international tours, going through respected festivals like SXSW (USA)

and Focus Wales (UK), the band has been reinventing itself in their small home studio.

Using a dialogue among minimalist, organic and electronic sounds, noises and textures with strong imagery,

a new experience and a new search are launched, instigating and challenging older listeners to redefine their listening around the band.


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