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"To walk on hills is to see sights
And hear sounds unfamiliar.

When in wind the pine-tree roars,

When crags with bleatings echo,
When water foams below the fall,
Heart records that journey.

As memorable indeed;

Head reserves opinion,
Confused by the wind."

– Robert Graves, To Walk on Hills.






James Alexander McDermid is a composer of electronic music based in Bristol, England.


From a child, a wildly eclectic and influential musical upbringing - Prokofiev; Jacqueline du Pré; Kraftwerk; Leonard Cohen, Brian Eno - lead to him growing up with a love of music and an interest for experimental composition.


His debut release came in 2001 under the name Like Kisses of Thread. He has since released music for labels such as Shimmering Moods, Whitelabrecs, Polar Seas and KrysaliSound; he also contributed to a split release in March 2020 with prolific Canadian musician, Anthéne. This was the debut release through the label Mailbox, a new project run by James and his partner Inês Ourives Delgado. Inês and James have also collaborated on an album together under the pseudonym GIPSI, which came out on Shimmering Moods in 2017.


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