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Anchor El Conejo

repetition is beautiful.



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Oh, sweetheart, I do belong here where the repetition is beautiful.

I have this feeling, nostalgia, I think you can call it that.

It reminds me of something. Something that I've been missing but I can't tell exactly what it is. 


This feeling keeps coming back, like a loop.

And it's beautiful...and sad.

And it's beautiful, and sad, and beautiful, and sad. 


I have these memories...

I remember playing my grandfather's old guitar, tuneless, and the haunting sound that it made.

Darkling, I listened. 

I remember all those places too.

Some of which I lived in, and some of I only dreamt about. 


In all those places I saw a little brown rabbit, running wildly through the grass.

Adieu! Adieu! It's all I can say before he disappears into the woods.


Nostalgia is perhaps the best word to describe the music of Bruno Nunes Coelho aka El Conejo.

Inspired by his first chords in his grandfather's old guitar and by the memories of the places where he lived, Coelho creates soundscapes that reveal themselves full of silences. 

His previous works include bands like Constantina and Ana. In El Conejo, Coelho embraces a calmer side

of music and explores more delicate arrangements.

Along with the music, Coelho also works as a visual artist, being responsible for the design of several books

and album covers. As clear as the sound are the images that he creates.

Inside El Conejo's nostalgic lo-fi music, a little rabbit follows the way. Only this time it doesn’t worry about

the clock anymore.

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