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"Your body is divided:

in one side, your body itself – skin, eyes – sweet and warm,

on the other side, your voice, sudden, restrained, sometimes fading away

your voice could not express what your body could.

Or even, in one side your lazy, warm, soft enough body, making itself clumsy;

on the other side, your voice – the voice, always the voice – resonant, mature, mundane."

– Roland Barthes.






Eddu Ferreira is a self-taught musician from São Paulo, Brazil, that has in his voice the main material for its work. Using it in a unique way, more than a plain singer-songwriter, he dives into something more grand and immersive. In addition, he uses loops, samples, and other instruments in real-time processing, creating different shades in music.

Ferreira also takes part in the electronic ensemble called Invisibili(cidades), deepening his research into electroacoustic music, soundscape, and site-specific. Having his work related to the audiovisual universe, Ferreira produced many soundtracks for museum exhibitions, as well as cinema and multimedia projections.

He is the curator and founder of "Música Parafernália", an experimental rendezvous that brings together artists who produce music that is closely related to technology.



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