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Anchor Lise

observing & listening.



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Wait...did you hear that? Yes, I think I heard it too.

Far, far away through the crowd, behind those old buildings.

Is it the sound of a crack on the floor? Or is it the sound of falling dry leaves?

Stridently...sharply...sweet, all at the same time.

The birds by the iron fence, I heard them too.

Singing hey ah nana while everyone is passing by.

They are always in a hurry and pretend they don't see them either.

What a shame it is to miss such a beautiful scene!

Did this actually happen or did I imagine it so?


Lise is the solo project of Daniel Nunes, in which he explores sonorities that absorb elements of contemporary music allied to electronic music, rock and ambient music.

From instrumental themes, Nunes creates simultaneous dialogues between experimental and minimalist music, inviting the listeners to unique experiences.


From the most unconscious details to the moments of greatest attention, the music sparkles to our ears.


Lise is in constant transformation going beyond the musical universe, allowing for exchanges with artists from other fields that go through video art and performance.


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